Action Learning Training Program

Do you want to be empowered to tackle individual and organisational challenges in a dynamic learning environment? 


This 2 days training program will introduce you to Action Learning, first day covering the theory and processes then second day giving you hands-on practice. You will walk away with the skill and confidence for problem solving in a range of contexts, benefit both individuals and teams across corporate, government and community sector organisations. 


What is Action Learning?
The basic philosophy underpinning action learning is that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem which we are obliged to solve. Action learning occurs in a small, closed group, called an action learning set. This group meets regularly to engage in a collaborative learning process through reflecting on real work issues, exploring possible solutions and planning for action.



Over the 2 days hands-on Action Learning you'll be able to:
• Enhance team working and collaboration skills
• Develop problem solving and decision–making skills
• Create a solution to an organisational challenge which provide immediate benefits
• Enhance ability to reflect on and learn from individual and collective experiences 
• Develop awareness of how individual behaviours, attitudes and assumptions impact on decision making

About the faciliator:

Ricky Keung is currently completing the Action Learning Faciliation course with the Schools for Social Entrepreneur, delievering this training program as part of the accreditation process. 

Ricky has previous experience from various non-for-profit organisations in coaching, transformational leadership and running peer-to-peer learning program. He holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Bachelor in Finance.

TBA ⋅ Sydney⋅Australia
8:00 ⋅ Saturday 5th Oct ⋅ 2013
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